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December 16, 2018

JOGG Activities 2001

Please send any suggestions for JOGG activities you would like to participate in during the year 2001.

Suggestions so far:
*Railway Trail Walk -Sunday afternoon-different trail each month

*Fun fishing day for kids & adults

*Aeorbics class at one of the gyms in town. Approx cost $10.00

*Day of Beauty at one of the hotels-manicure,pedicure,massage maybe pre Mother's Day all invited

*Beach Date in the summer-bring your own lunch basket-Jobson's Cove, Astwood Cove, Clearwater,etc

*Cinema Night followed by a meal

*Latin Night at Azure nightclub-ladies only

*Mini Golf for the kids & adults

*Fun golf tournament-for accomplished golfers & non golfers- teams made up of both!

*Bowling night

*Halloween Party for the kids-Saturday before Halloween

*Weekend Camp at Darrell's Island

*Easter Saturday-Kite Flying afternoon at Horseshoe Beach or Astwood Cove-bring a lunch basket

Contact JOGG at:

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